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I have a little hatchery now on my flight rising account, it’s called The Rouge Tricksters Hatchery! (Ah I need to get a banner for it later. . )

*Free Icon/Emote* Toothless (Love it!)… *Free Icon/Emote* Toothless (Love it!) 

So far I have a Bogsneak for breeding for anyone who doesn't have any, but sadly since they are a newer breed the hatchlings will most likely cost more treasure, sorry about that. But also newbies who join the Flight Rising on welcome week can get a free welcome set from me that comes with a Hatchling, Food and a Familiar. First come first serve rule for other players Interested in any of my hatchlings. Meow :3 
The main caretaker for the Hatchlings in my clan is my spiral dragon Misty, the only dragons for sale at the moment are a male bogsneak and a female fae dragon.
I have three breeding pairs too and a pinglist ready as well, if your Interested and have a Flight Rising account why don't you pay the The Rouge Tricksters Hatchery a visit! -^_^-
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